1954 Issue

1954 Issue

      Following the death of King George VI, Canada released a new series of notes in 1954, featuring Queen Elizabeth II. The allegorical vignettes on the reverses of the notes were replaced by Canadian landscapes.


Devil's Face

      On the earliest versions of the 1954 series of notes, the portrait of Queen Elizabeth had the effect of a leering demon in her hair. This was the result of a faithful reproduction of a photograph, contrary to rumours.

      By 1956, the smaller denomination notes portrayed a modified portrait of the Queen. The $1000 bill was changed much later, however, it has been difficult to find. I have only seen one uncirculated Devil Face $1000 note offered for sale.

1954 Devils Face Matched Serial number set
from $1 through $100 scarce.....wanted

1954 $1000 Coyne Towers Devil Face..................wanted

Devil's Face Thousand


Modified 1954 Bills

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